Why Be Saint Hubert Catholic? A Pocket Primer

Heirloom, Catholic jewelry is gaining in popularity all over the world. What is heirloom, Catholic jewelry? Simply, it is recycling antique religious medals and rosaries, combined with jewels, sterling silver, pearls, crystals, old rosaries, gold chain or a combination of all to create a fashion forward piece of jewelry with a much deeper meaning than basic adornment. Heirloom jewelry is designed to be worn comfortably with the little black dress or with jeans.

Religious medals have been a source of St Hubert Medal for Sale pride and grace since the beginning of time for Catholics. When researching the history of the medals, you will find each piece is unique and carries blessings specific to the religious persona depicted on the medal. Each creation of jewelry is handcrafted, custom made and is available in a wide range of styles and prices. The collections are also available for a variety of age groups and gender.

As a patron of religious art and spiritual gifts, I am truly impressed with the creativity of each piece and with the care and thought that goes into the design. As a mother and grandmother who has shopped for spiritual gifts for all ages, until now, I have found the gifts available to be lacking in creativity and quality. Whether you are searching for a baptism gift, First Holy Communion gift, graduation, birthdays or Christmas, you will be amazed by the selection.

The opportunity to dust off Saint Hubert an old rosary that belonged to a great aunt, resurrect a holy medal worn by a grandfather and combine the inherited treasures with new, stylish mediums and create an heirloom that can be passed on for generations is an amazing opportunity.

Owning and wearing a necklace of red Borealis crystals given to my Mother by my Father in 1965 and enhanced with pearls, rosary crystals, sterling silver chain and an antique Miraculous Medal from Europe, elevates my spirit and my looks every time I wear it. The artist is truly answering the call of a Catholic ministry and passionately displays the calling in all her designs.

Being a Catholic convert, my recent Saint Hubert exposure to the treasured antique Holy medals has given me a new perspective on Saints and their history and on the special blessings we receive by reading and studying their lives. It is never too late to learn more about our faith or to receive a special blessing and wonderful, warm memories by wearing and sharing heirloom jewelry and spiritual gifts. Melissa Woods is the artist and also is the Mother of my beautiful granddaughters.