Shipping Companies: Big and Small

Shipping animals requires research and choosing an experienced cargo shipping company. When you ship an animal, there are many different things that you will need to consider. Among the most important is which shipping company you are going to use, and what kind of documentation you need to ship your animals.

Picking Your Air Freight Service

If you are shipping small animals, then you will need an air freight service that can tell you exactly what you need to make the process quick and efficient. Since you will need to care for the animals while they are begin held in quarantine, knowing what you need to provide is just a small portion of the whole shipping cycle. You will also need to bring in documentation that gives you permission to ship the animals.

The right shipping company can prepare you 중국배대지 for the shipping, and help you prepare the documentation you need for shipping and customs. If you are shipping a rare or protected animal, then you will also need to provide accurately completed documentation from the country that you are shipping the animal from, and from the institution where you are shipping the animal to. It is illegal to ship animals without going through the proper channels and with inaccurate documentation; the animal could be stuck in customs for quite some time.

Common Issues

Shipping animals can be frustrating if you have chosen the wrong cargo shipping company. You can be prepared for the most common imports and customs issues by talking to the customer support center for the shipping company, who should be able to provide you with all of the details that you need to ship your animals.

Typically, when you are shipping animals, you will need to have proof of vaccinations, permission to take the animals out of the country or ownership documentation, and may have to allow the animals to spend some time in quarantine. This is especially true if you are carrying an animal overseas which can have potentially damaging effects on the natural flora or fauna of the country that you are shipping to. There are exceptions, however, such as shipping animals to zoos or other government recognized institutes.

The Costs

The costs of shipping animals will vary greatly depending on the type of animals that you are shipping and the kind of care the animals will need during the transportation process. For particularly rare or dangerous animals, a professional handler may be allowed to accompany the animal on board the air carrier or ocean cargo ship