Improving Intimacy In Marriage: Keep the Spark Alive

Approximately one woman in ten experiences a decrease in her sex drive at some point in her life, so it’s kind of normal and common when sexual intimacy in marriage gets frozen. But you shouldn’t give up having a great sex life once you’re married or in a long-term relationship. Intimacy is key to having a healthy, functional and overall happy couples relationship.

Couples newly in love or couples in long distance relationship typically experience feelings of closeness and excitement of sex. But intimacy tends to follow a pattern as love relationship evolves.

That’s followed by the stage in which many couples start a family, or end up their separation. Having children significantly changes a couple’s intimacy. Couples’ lack DR promise ring of private time for raising babies and juggling careers and household responsibilities are also priorities rather than intimacy. Besides, the newness of the relationship wears off after over 4 years of being together. This is why intimacy breaks down in a long-term relationship. Couples aren’t as intentional about connecting with each other as they were earlier in the relationship.

Here are four simple, but initial actions you can take to rebuild sexual intimacy in your marriage. But first, you need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner because the resentment that builds up around feelings of inequality is one of the biggest killers of sexual intimacy. Even if the conversation is a little bit difficult or awkward at first, but it’s definitely a must-do.

1. Make time for sexual intimacy.

The first simple thing couples can try in order to rebuild sexual intimacy is to make time for each other. Making sex a priority is the only way to maintain an intimate connection. It doesn’t have to result in sex every time, but it’s more about making time and having a conversation together.

Schedule a date night for your marriage anniversary, get a babysitter or take a break from your wheeling work to have dinner, or even have an overnight at a hotel with the preparation of a wedding anniversary gift and wine. Try to relax with your partner and have your own time.

2. Feel sexy

Feeling sexy can boost your libido, trust me. Spend your time doing something to make you feel sensual can greatly improve your experience for sex. It could be wearing fancy lingeries or feeling romance by creating meaningful memories together. And those romantic things will be the best wedding anniversary gift for both of you.

A survey says that for most married couples, their best sexual experience happened the night the men proposed to girlfriends. It explains that people feel sexier when they’re feeling loved and romantic.

3. Change up your routine.

It’s also helpful to switch up your routine every now and then to induce those intense emotions again. For example, book a weekend getaway and have everything ready to go.

We found that true love couples typically have their unexpected trips, which is key to maintaining their flame alive. You can also try separate trips because a little time apart will give you the chance to miss each other, and couples will feel happier and more excited when they’re reunited.

Surprises in marriage are the best condiments in marriage, especially for a lifetime love. You face the only one every day, and you know him/her for a lifetime. The familiarity and understanding of each other will make the passion fade away, and there will be no surprises in life. So make an effort to create surprises by every means of it. Give it a shot for every anniversary and festival. It could be customizing an affordable unique diamond ring in France, the romantic gifts for her will be the best surprise. And you don’t even prepare a particularly expensive gift, because the unique gift price won’t affect its effect anyway. Maybe something unique like a ring that can buy for only love in a lifetime.

4. Be quick to forgive

There’s a significant element of intimacy that we shouldn’t ignore is an active, healthy recognition of each other. A lack of forgiveness leads to a spirit of bitterness, and it will kill marital intimacy. Both wife and husband can be prone to become unforgiving, which affects their desire for intimacy.

When husband and wife commit to a daily habit of confessing sin and forgiving each other, which can be a little compliment and jokes, or a comedy movie that can adjust the atmosphere, there will be a positive implication to build a stronger relationship of security and trust. And physical intimacy can thrive and flourish.

All of the above are not necessarily easy actions, and they need an emotional intimacy and regular communication first. So sit your partner down and start with the conversation now!