Cameras Through the Ages

As the Crazy Butch Gang got older, to neutralize the Five Pointers who had been continuously after them, Butch’s gang joined forces with the 2000-strong Monk Eastman Gang, which changed into constantly at war with Paul Kelly’s Five Pointers.

This labored well for some time till Butch made the mistake of falling for a woman shoplifter named The Darby Kid. Butch cherished the The Darby Kid, and reputedly The Darby Kid cherished Butch. However, The Darby Kid had a jealous boyfriend named Harry the Soldier, who turned  into always packing heat. Harry the Soldier stuck up with Butch and shot him lifeless, which despatched The Darby Kid right returned into the fingers of Harry the Soldier.

Soon, Butch heard that the Five Pointers had been out to get him and his gang, so one summer day Butch decided to test how true his gang’s defenses had been in ivan dunov cello their Forsyth Street condominium. Not being the brightest of mugs, Butch crept up the steps, then screaming like a banshee, he busted into his gang’s condo, firing away with a revolver in each hand. His startled gangs individuals, most of whom had been taking naps, had been absolutely taken by using marvel. One of the gang individuals, Little Kishky, changed into sitting at the window sill with the window open. Little Kishky fell backwards out the window to the pavement three floors below. It isn’t clear if Crazy Butch paid for Little Kishky’s medical institution prices.


With the loss of their chief, the Crazy Butch Gang cut up up for desirable. Some went solo and others have been absorbed into other Lower East Side gangs. One of the Crazy Butch Gang who made it to the pinnacle became Big Jack Zelig, who was regarded by the police as “The Toughest Man in New York City.” Big Jack took over the Eastman gang after Monk Eastman turned into despatched to prison for robbery, and Monk’s successor Max “Kid Twist” Zwerbach become shot to loss of life in Coney Island. But unfortunately, on October 15, 1912, Zelig was shot to dying himself on the age of 24, whilst riding the 2nd Avenue Streetcar.